What's Up with Richard?
What's Up with Richard?
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What's Up with Richard?

Medikidz Explain Leukemia

By Kim Chilman-Blair, Illustrated by John Taddeo


Medikidz Explain [Cancer XYZ]


32 Pages, 6.5 x 10

Hardcover, $14.95 (US $14.95)

Publication Date: April 2010

ISBN 9781604430196

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Winner: 2011 National Health Information Award, Silver, Patient Education; 2011 Mom's Choice Award, Gold, Young Adult-Comic Books & Graphic Novels; Finalist: 2011 Nationai Indie Excellence Award, Cancer ——— Employing a graphic novel format, this dynamic story explains complex medical information about leukemia in a straightforward yet entertaining way. The Medikidz are larger-than-life superheroes who live in Mediland, a living, moving virtual world within the human body. Each character is an expert on one component of human anatomy and the role it plays in fighting the disease. Using their extensive combined knowledge, the Medikidz conduct a journey through Mediland, exploring complex medical issues in a language and visual style that is attractive and accessible to tweens and teens. Appropriate humor and adventure are blended with accurate facts, so young readers can understand Richard's illness and become aware of the support and care he needs. 

Author Biography

Kim Chilman-Blair, BSc, MBChB, is a medical writer and the founder and CEO of Medikidz, a company dedicated to providing peer-reviewed health information to young people in comic book form. John Taddeo is a comic book writer and illustrator and the director of two award-winning animated shorts. He lives in New York City.